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Discount Web Hosting at BudgetHostingWeb


BudgetHostingWeb has received hundreds of "thank you" emails from people who have used our services. Here is a small sample.....

Thank you again for your support. Your outstanding customer service is what makes you stand high above the competition.
Alan Moore
Virginia, USA
I've dealt with BudgetHostingWeb for some years and have always considered your service top notch.
Linda Wasson
California, USA
Thanks for the quick response and answer to my question. This is much better than being on hold for an hour and not getting a response from my previous company. I am VERY happy I switched!!
Andrew Amrhein
Pennsylvania, USA
Do you have any clue how much a personal reply means to your customers? It meant a great deal to me and I want to thank you....You have won a faithful customer just because you cared enough to give me great service.
Lin Gogolin
South Dakota, USA
You guys rock and I have recommend you to all my friends for years!
Van Vradenburg
California, USA
I've used your service for many, many years. Compared with every other company I've worked with, you're still the best value on the planet.
Marietta Jeanes
Texas, USA
Thanks for the quick response!! A big pat on the back to the entire customer service staff : )
Donita Gaulden
Georgia, USA
Thanks, you people are great!
David La Bounty
Illinois, USA
Thank you so much, you guys are great and have excellent service.
Susie Moss
Florida, USA
Thank you guys for all your help! I really appreciate it!
Jeff Mihaly
California, USA
Thanks for your time & excellent service.
Jason Keable
Queensland, Australia
Thanx for your great support that we liked a lot.
Alex Alomary
California, USA
I would like to get a URL with the new extensions but have no desire what so ever to go through Network Solutions. Their customer service is the worst in the world and I have nothing but praise for the way that you have treated me as a customer. Besides your prices are a lot better than theirs.
Chuck Wehofer
Arizona, USA

Thanks again for the good service,  I will use your services in the future again.

John Miller
California, USA

Just a quick note on such an amazing response and good service. Thankyou for the great service and I will definitely be recommending this service to anyone that asks me about web pages.

Nathan Organ
NSW, Australia
I would like to thank all your staff....Everyone came through with the answers and help very fast. I got my emails answered (and there were a few emails) within a few hours every time. This is great. The service you provide to your customers is outstanding. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!!!
Gary D'Angelo
New York, USA
I will try to recommend your service every chance I get, if you have no objections.
Robert Gold
New York, USA
Just a quick note on your Customer Service, it's Second to none, thanks for all the help its much appreciated.
Richard Saunders
Victoria, Australia
Thankyou for your great response...I have used you many times in the past and will in the guys always come through.
Bill Hartley
Colorado, USA
Very positive regards because of your excellent level of service (this is really unheard now a days).
Morten Boegh
Copenhagen, Denmark
You are the best!!! Thanks so much. That is why we do ALL and will continue to do ALL of our registrations with you.
Arnold Segredo
Florida, USA
Please feel free to use any of my email addresses to give to your clients. I would gladly inform them of the prompt and professional manner in which you have dealt with my account. It is needless to say that I will certainly be back again. It's company's such as yours that makes shopping via the Internet a real pleasure. The service I witnessed was text book stuff and done in conviction it is really nice running into this kind of service. Thank you to all the team, keep up the fantastic work and I am positive I will be back again.
Christine Nelson
Queensland, Australia
Bless you! No tech support from any company has ever solved anything so quickly and correctly!
Stephen Cooper
Michigan, USA
Thank you so much for your prompt reply in answering my question. Once again, I'm very impressed with your prompt and helpful reply. I will certainly be using and recommending your service for my clients in future.
Chris Bryan
Victoria, Australia
THANKS! I am very impressed. That is the fastest response I have received from a real person via the internet. Network Solutions needs to take notes.
Racheal Jacobs
South Carolina, USA
Thanks for allowing this change. I really appreciate how courteous your company has been. I will definitely be recommending BudgetHostingWeb to my colleagues.
Nicholas Roth
Washington, USA
I really do appreciate all the help you're giving me. I have recommended your service to many other people.
Steve Prentice
Auckland, New Zealand

I just wanted to say that this is one of the fastest responses to an e-mail I have ever had.  Thank you very much for your extremely swift and polite service!

Ron Parmenter
Sydney, Australia
I'm impressed! Thanks for the great service and saving me money. I'm recommending you to all my friends.
PJ Britton
Texas, USA

Thankyou! Wow! Thankyou!

Harald Tomesch
Wisconsin, USA
Hi guys. Good service. Thank you.
Tom Mary
St. Margrethen, Switzerland
Thank you guys for all your help! I really appreciate it! Thanks again.
Jeff Mihaly
California, USA
I'm impressed! Your on my business tool page, LOVE YOUR SERVICE.
Deborah Sommers
Washington, USA

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Discount Web Hosting at BudgetHostingWeb

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Discount Web Hosting at BudgetHostingWeb
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