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To help your site reach the top positions in many search engines, you need to make sure that you are using Meta Tags in all of your web pages.

Meta Tags are simply tools to help your web site get indexed correctly by spider-based search engines.  They consist of several lines of HTML code that you insert into the header of your pages. The search engines can then index your site using the correct information, which is not always the case if these tags are missing.

The "description" and "keywords" tags are the most important. 

Description Tag 
This tag gives the search engine your description for your site.  If this tag is missing, most search engines will use the first few lines of text from your page instead, which sometimes results in gibberish and is certainly not optimised.

Keywords Tag
This tag tells the search engine exactly which keywords to use for your site when somebody enters a web search from that engine. If this tag is missing, most search engines will choose keywords for your site from its title and text.

The bottom line is - Meta Tags give you control and enable you to fine-tune your description and keywords to get better search engine rankings.

SpecialistWeb's Meta Tag Tool is designed to help you create your Meta Tags quickly and easily. Simply enter the relevant information about your site in the form below and the Meta Tag Tool will create the HTML code you need to enter in the header section of your web pages.  You can even choose to have this code e-mailed to you for future reference.


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Would you like to include a Spider tag? 


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